TIKA Foundation

The Dutch TIKA Foundation has been established to support underprivileged children in Nepal to get a better future, by improving their environment and their learning opportunities.

In 2006 Marcel and Ankie van Wersch worked as volunteers in an orphanage in Nepal. They decided that when they got back home, they would raise money to set up a ‘better’ children’s home, where children would not just have a roof over their heads, but where they would get the attention they need as well as and proper education.

Because of their volunteer work they had come into contact with Tej Shrestha. Tej now works with us for all those years and sets up and manages all our projects in Nepal. We are very happy to have this dedicated and reliable person within our team.

This is why in 2007 we set up our foundation. We decided to open a small scaled children’s home, as soon as we would have gathered 3 years of funding in advance. This lead to the opening of New Life Children’s Home in Pepsi Cola (Kathmandu) in February 2008.

Since then we have set up a set of new projects, such as Career Building International Academy, a school (also in Pepsi Cola, Kathmandu) where children can get quality education for an affordable school fee. The school gives about 20% of its students a scholarship, so that even children whose parents cannot afford to give them any education at all, get a chance at a better future.

Also, we are running a Girls’ Scholarship Program in the rural region Solokhumbu (started in 2009), where girls often don’t get a chance to go to school at all. With our help, 36 girls get to go to a school that offers quality education.

Our latest project is in Banepa (Kavre region), where street children are offered scholarships: education. We had been asked by the Red Cross to set up and manage this project. We support younger children with regular education and older children with a  vocational training program with 80% job guarantee cooperation with UCEP/Sano Thimi Technical School

Of course we need funding to realize and continue our projects, year after year. Please see our page “Doneren/helpen” for your contribution to our goals. If you would like more information or have any questions about our projects in Nepal or donations, please send an e-mail to

Our Philosophy

The main goal of our foundation is: To improve the quality of life of (orphaned) children in Nepal. Also, there are five basics that are the starting points for all of our projects:


This means that our initiatives can be operated in the long run. We do not finance single excursion or a new set of clothes, but focus on education, health care, and self-reliance.


99,9% of all donations we receive go straight to the projects in Nepal. We feel that we need to act legally correct and provide financial transparency for our donators, the board and our local team in Nepal. Therefore, we have established TIKA Foundation. This foundation is registered as a public interest institution. Also our finances are monitored on a yearly basis by Flow Accountants.


Quality is our goal and we do not go for second best. Therefore, in Nepal we only work with reliable and experienced people whom we know and have met. Tej Shrestha, is program manager at Everest Foundation (the Nepali counterpart of our foundation) under which all our projects reside. Tej used to work as a project manager for the international Red Cross and is co-founder as well as president of Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN).


Only when we have financial guarantees for the long term we get involved or set up a project. To prevent the children will be out on the street and/or find themselves unable to complete their education. This means for example that we always want to have a 2,5 year cash reserve at hand for all our projects.


It is important to us that our projects are adopted by the local community. Only then can we ensure lasting results. We always work with local project managers and, whenever possible, make use of local expertise and local products. Our support contains funding and project guidance and management support and management training. We are aiming at a self-supporting future of the projects.